Quartet Draw For Nashville!!

The Draw for Nashville has arrived!! We are singing 56th. We cannot wait to get on the stage in July! Copied below is the post from the Barbershop Harmony Society with the full Order of appearance. Visit their website for more information:




The Official Draw for the 2016 International Quartet Contest. BEST of luck to all our competitors! Time to schedule those last few months of rehearsal, boys. It’s almost time to dance. ‪#‎BHSNASH‬
2. Let’s Sing (NSC)
3. Vantage Point (SUN)
4. Glen Arvin Ave (DIX)
5. Upper Deck (PIO)
6. Fuego (SUN)
7. Main Street (SUN)
8. Dad Wagon (DIX)
9. The Underground (LOL)
10. Harmonium (CSD)
11. Reckless (BABS)
12. Clutch (SWD)
13. The Summit (RMD)
14. Flipside (EVG)
15. Instant Message (DIX)
16. After Hours (ILL)
17. American Pastime (FWD)
18. Frank The Dog (MAD)
19. Yonge Guns (ONT)
20. Quorum (JAD)
21. Stockholm Syndrome (SNOBS)
22. ColdSnap (SLD)
23. SwitchBack (CSD)
24. The Rooftops (CAR)
25. Midnight Croon (LOL)
26. The Collective (CAR)
27. Union Station (ILL)
28. Throwback (SUN)
29. Artistic License (FWD)
30. The Core (JAD)
31. Fast Track (NED)
32. Da Capo (MAD)
33. Supertonic (ONT)
34. Portobello Road (BABS)
35. Up All Night (MAD)
36. Lemon Squeezy (SNOBS)
37. Trocadero (SNOBS)
38. Late Shift (CAR)
39. The Essentials (SWD)
40. Rooftop Records (SUN)
41. Gimme Four (MAD)
42. 4.0 (EVG)
43. Test Drive (ONT)
44. Route 1 (MAD)
45. Signature (SUN)
46. Momma’s Boys (EVG)
47. Boardwalk (DIX)
48. Last Men Standing (MAD)
50. The Con Men (JAD)
51. Take Four (BinG!)
52. MC4 (DIX)
53. Forefront (JAD)
54. The Crew (JAD)
55. Hot Air Buffoons (JAD)
56. The Newfangled Four (FWD)
57. Zero Hour (NSC)
58. The Mellow Diners (BHA)
(Special thanks to our crack team of draw specialists: Amy Rose, Jeremy Gover, Dusty Schleier, Patrick McAlexander, and Kyle Snook.)

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