The Newfangled Four Album (2017)

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The Newfangled Four’s first studio album. Go on an aural exploration of sweetly sung, harmonious tones and tightly executed rhythmic eruptions.


.Our first Studio Album!

A selection of songs from our beginnings as a group, as well as some of our regular show numbers.

Release date: July 1st, 2017



1. A Shine on Your Shoes (3:12) – Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz / Arr. Aaron Dale
2. Moon Pretty Moon (1:41) – Kim Reid / Arr. John Brockman
3. You Keep Coming Back Like a Song (3:19) – Irving Berlin / Arr. Fraser Brown, Nancy Bergman & Dan Wilson
4. It’s Sand, Man! (2:32) – Jon Hendricks & Edward Lewis / Arr. Larry Wright
5. The New Frankie and Johnny (2:21) – Hughie Cannon / As sung by The Four Renegades
6. Whatcha Gonna Do When There Ain’t No Jazz? (2:32) – Edgar Leslie & Pete Wendling / Arr. Patrick McAlexander
7. Love Letters (3:13) – Edward Heyman & Victor Young / Arr. John Piercy
8. As Long as I’m Singin’ (2:02) – Bobby Darin / Arr. David Wright
9. If I Didn’t Have You (3:33) – Randy Newman / Arr. Nick Luna
10. A Cottage for Sale (5:01) – Larry Conley & Willard Robison / Arr. Theo Hicks
11. Look Me Up When You’re in Dixie (2:10) – Jack Yellen, Charlie Pierce & Jack Glogan / Arr. Renee Craig & Mark Hale
12. A Newfangled Tango (4:08) – Harold Karr & Matt Dubey / Arr. Patrick McAlexander
13. Hello My Baby: Through the Years (Live from Nashville, 2016) (11:02) – Arr. Clay Hine


Recorded and Engineered by Jeff Eames

Mixed by Emanuel Roll

Mastered by Dave Sperandio at

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 9.75 × .125 in

2 reviews for The Newfangled Four Album (2017)

  1. Joey Brussk

    This is the best CD I’ve ever owned and it made me the man I am today.

    • Newfangled Four

      Thanks, Mr. Brussk!

      Now, if you want to be a true fan, meet me behind the abandoned steel mill downtown for some sweet, discontinued NF4 illegal merch

  2. Emma Ländström

    I like it! It’s my favorite CD!

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